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Spray guns

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Spray guns

Spray guns can be divided into automatic spray guns and manual spray guns. Although both are spray guns, their use methods and functions are somewhat different.

Manual spray gun: The manual spray gun is a tool that needs to be operated at all times. The spray gun is operated by hand.

How to use: Manual spray guns are used on the hand spray line; for new spray guns, you need to spray with clean water or cleaning liquid for the first time.

1. Access to air source: the source is provided by an air compressor, the air pressure needs to be adjusted to about 3-5 kg, and it needs to be stable to ensure the stability of spraying.

2. Access to paint: The fuel supply mode of the manual spray gun is divided into gravity type, pressure feed type and suction type. The suction type and gravity type only need to pour paint into the spray can of the spray gun. The effect of spraying can be achieved directly through the principle of paint suction of the spray gun.

Automatic spray gun: A spray gun that is automatically operated through a control cabinet without manual spraying; generally suitable for automatic coating lines or manipulators. So the automatic spray gun only needs us to adjust the function.


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