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The cold knowledge of TWS true wireless headphone!

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The cold knowledge of TWS true wireless headphone!

Today we'll take a look at some of the more obscure facts about the TWS true wireless headphone.

First of all,IP refers to the Ingress Protection, IPX1-3 refers to the poor waterproof performance of the headset, which can prevent slight water mist. The IPX4 level represents a headphone that prevents splashing water droplets from entering. The IPX5 level represents the earphone's ability to prevent injection of water into the device for daily waterproofing. The IPX6 level represents headphones that completely prevent large waves from entering. The IPX7-8 level represents the ability of the headset to fully soak and waterproof.

The second,Bluetooth 5.0 is the updated version of Bluetooth 4.2

(1) Transmission efficiency is improved by 2 times; Speed up the transmission, increase the frequency spectrum, greatly reduce power consumption, improve the endurance.

(2) The transmission distance is 4 times that of Bluetooth 4.2.

(3) Lower power consumption, compatible with the old Bluetooth version.

(4) Bluetooth 4.2 is faster than Bluetooth 4.1 in transmission speed.

Thirdly, the battery life of the wireless Bluetooth headset is 3-6 hours, and it can be used for 3-4 times with the charging case, which is a reasonable battery life.

Fourth, NRR is the abbreviation of Neural Regeneration rate Research. The noise reduction value of earplugs is most often expressed by NRR, which is the noise attenuation level.

Active noise reduction is hardware noise reduction. The principle is to use the circuit to pick up the surrounding environmental sound, and then convert it into an anti-phase sound signal and add it to the horn end. The sound presented to people's ears is environmental noise + anti-phase environmental noise.

Another major noise reduction technique is software noise reduction, also known as CVC noise reduction, which comes with the CSR chip and only works when making a phone call. With this technique, ambient noise is attenuated so that the other side can hear more clearly.


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