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The details of traveling by car!

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The details of traveling by car!

Now many people are slowly starting to drive farther to relax and enjoy a simple and pleasant journey with the whole family, couples or friends. Today we will talk about some details that should be paid attention to when traveling by car.

First, the weather presents complex and changeable characteristics, so please check the weather conditions before you travel to avoid heavy rain and typhoon days.

Second, prepare the required documents, such as driving license, driving license, ID card, and certificates. You can put the documents together in a bag and put them in the armrest box. When you encounter inspection or need documents, you can first Take the time out, and I won’t look around and find it.

Third, before traveling by car, you should first plan the route you want to travel, and it is best to travel off peak. It is also best to avoid statutory holidays, such as: Labor Day, National Day, Spring Festival, Ching Ming Festival, etc. are all festivals where people greet the crowd. Traffic jams will make you doubt your life.

Fourth, sometimes it takes 1 to 2 hours for a self-driving tour to have a service area when driving on a highway. If there is a service area, you can go out and move your hands and feet.

Fifth, driving a long-distance travel, it is best to have two or more cars traveling together, so that you can take care of each other on the road, and someone will help if the vehicle breaks down or an accident occurs; it is best to have two drivers in each car, who can alternate driving, both It does not affect the itinerary and can avoid fatigue driving.

Sixth, perform an in-depth maintenance and inspection of your vehicle. Before you travel, you must check the vulnerable parts on the vehicle, such as tires, brake discs, brake fluid, antifreeze, etc.

Seventh, materials must be adequately prepared. In the event of traffic jams or breakdowns, water and food are particularly important. Remember to bring all your change, medicines, first aid kits, motor oil, warning signs, fire extinguishers and other items, and make adjustments according to different travellers.

When traveling, safety is the first element. There are many things to worry about when traveling by car, and you must pay special attention to driving safety!


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