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The five most faked accessories on the market


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The five most faked accessories on the market

Because the auto parts on the market are not necessarily authentic, therefore, it is very necessary for us to master the knowledge of identification of some auto parts. Next, I will check the 5 kinds of auto parts that are most likely to be fakes for you. You must keep your eyes open when buying these items!

The first is motor oil. We can judge whether it is genuine or not based on two things.First is the color, at room temperature, the color of authentic oil is darker than fake oil. The second is taste, which is also the most important way for us to tell the true from the false. The authentic oil has almost no smell, while the fake has obvious pungent gasoline smell.

The second is the spark plug. False spark plugs may cause a series of problems such as poor acceleration performance, difficulty in cold starting, etc., and also lead to ablative situation of spark plugs. The only way to tell whether a spark plug is real or not is to see whether the thread of the spark plug is smooth. If the spark plug is very smooth, then it is definitely true. If it is rough, then it is false.

The third is the brake pad. Poor quality brake pads are responsible for 30 per cent of the country's annual traffic accidents.High quality brake pads are material demanding and look very full and smooth to the touch. In addition, according to the SAE standard, the rated coefficient of FF class will be selected for the brake friction plate.

The fourth is the oil filter element.The oil filter has a great influence on the life of the engine. Inferior oil filter element can aggravate the wear of engine parts, even cause the engine to be scrapped.

The fifth is tyres. Refurbished tires are polished, so they look new. Normal new tires tend to have a darker hue. In addition, we can press the side of the tire with our hands to see how hard it is. If it's soft, be careful.

In general, the more consumables a car needs to be replaced frequently, the more fakes it produces.


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