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The old driver reminds: these 3 kinds of car products are not recommended for car owners, hope to understand

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In fact, everyone loves beauty very much. In addition to dressing up beautifully every day, the things they own must also be clean, such as cars. Car accessories are very popular nowadays. After buying a car, many car owners will buy some decorations to dress up their car, but car owners should know that not all car accessories are suitable for use, such as the next one. These three auto supplies may also have a negative impact.

The first one is the furry steering wheel cover. Everyone knows that it will be colder to drive and hold the steering wheel in winter, so many car owners will buy a furry steering wheel cover. Such a steering wheel cover is not only very warm, but also looks very cute. But you must know that the furry steering wheel cover is risky. When we are turning the steering wheel, it is easy to slip. In the event of an emergency, the consequences will be disastrous.


The second is the car burst of flashing lights.You must know that lighting up such lights at night looks very cool, and it is also preferred by young car owners.However, I do not recommend it to all car owners, because such lights have potential safety hazards. First of all, they are glare, which will give other drivers a feeling of dizziness and accidents. Moreover, the installation of the strobe light is also a private modification, so it is recommended that you do not use it.


The last one is some ornaments on the car. Generally, car owners will hang these ornaments on the front windshield. You must know that this will affect the car owner’s sight when driving, and if it is a perfume ornament, it will emit harmful gases under high temperature, which is not good for our health, so It is not recommended that car owners hang ornaments.


The three in-vehicle products mentioned above are not recommended for everyone to use, because they have certain safety hazards. In fact, you can put some useful things in the car, such as car safety hammers, etc. These things can help the car owner to use, and there is no danger. What do you think about this?


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