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The reason why the car charger can't charge!

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The reason why the car charger can't charge!

There are five main reasons why car chargers fail to charge.

The first reason is the unstable voltage. When power on, the mobile phone or other intelligent electronic products will normally turn on the power charging monitoring and detection program.If the program detects that the on-board shock voltage is unstable, the shock voltage is prohibited.

The second reason is that the car charger parameters do not meet the charging requirements.If the current is not enough, you need to replace the high-power car charger.

The third reason is that the car charger has poor contact.The contact design of some car chargers is unreasonable, and bad contact will occur during driving, leading to the failure of charging after arriving at the destination.

The fourth reason is the cigarette lighter itself power supply is not normal.If the replacement of multiple car chargers, mobile phones, etc., are unable to use the car charger in their own normal charging, at this time to check whether there is a problem with their car fuse.

The fifth reason is the quality of the charger itself.Now the car on the market power brand is various, the good and bad are intermingled, the price difference is big, if buy the word of inferior and inferior product, not only charge not to go up electricity, return very likely to burn out car fuse and digital product, still have the likelihood to endanger personal safety even.When buying a car charger, you must pay attention to choose and buy a safe and secure smart car charger!


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