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The working principle and maintenance methods of electric screwdrivers


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DC01123 (11)What is the principle of an electric screwdriver? With the rapid development of industrial production, electric screwdrivers have gradually replaced ordinary screwdrivers. The electric screwdriver further improves productivity and saves labor costs.

Everyone has a simple understanding of electric screwdrivers.So have you studied the working principle of electric screwdrivers? In order to prolong the service life of the electric screwdriver, you must do a good job of maintenance and maintenance when using the electric screwdriver. Let me introduce the working principle and maintenance method of the electric screwdriver to you.

The working principle of electric screwdriver:As a mechanical part, the electric screwdriver cannot work without the electric screwdriver power supply. The electric screwdriver power supply provides energy and related control functions for the electric screwdriver to drive the rotation of the motor. Because the parameters of the electric screwdriver motor are different, the speed will be different when the electric batch power supply outputs the same power.

Maintenance method of electric screwdriver:

  1. It is strictly forbidden to hit the electric screwdriver (beware of collision or falling, otherwise it will cause motor noise and screwdriver shaking)

  2. When pulling out the connecting plug of the electric screwdriver and the matching controller, the base of the plug should be used as the force point, and the wire should not be pulled with force to avoid damage to the contact plug.

  3. The electric screwdriver must be stopped when it shakes a lot while working, so as not to damage the electric screwdriver more deeply, and let the professional repair it.

  4. When there is an abnormal problem with the electric screwdriver, send it to the maintenance personnel for repair in time. The general abnormal phenomenon is: the screwdriver does not rotate, the screwdriver speed is not smooth, the screwdriver head is easy to fall off or there is shaking, and the screwdriver will not stop automatically.

  5. When the torque of the electric screwdriver is too small for use, stop using it, and inform the maintenance personnel to arrange to replace the electric screwdriver with a high torque in time.

  6. When the start button is pressed, when the electric screwdriver cannot be rotated due to too small torque, it should be noted that this state should be controlled within 10 seconds to avoid damage to the motor in the electric screwdriver.DC01123 (23)


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