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There are many hidden dangers to vehicle safety after rain

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Conditions prone to vehicles after rain

1  Difficulty starting car engine on rainy day

The most important thing in the rainy season is the maintenance of car engines. Owners will encounter problems with the engine that are not easy to start in the rain.

Solution: The biggest cause of this problem is the leakage of the ignition system due to moisture. Once it is found that poor ignition and engine performance are caused by the humidity of the ignition system, you can temporarily wipe the inside and outside of the distribution board and the wires with dry paper towels or dry cloth. If it is due to aging and leakage, it must be replaced in time.

In rainy days, there is often wading. After wading, the performance of the car has been reduced due to water in many places, which may cause the car to fail to drive normally. Of course, this is also most likely due to the leakage of the ignition system due to moisture. Because turbid rainwater is the best conductor, it is likely to cause a short circuit when the circuit encounters water.

If the engine suddenly turns off during the journey, do not start the ignition repeatedly. You should wait for a while or get out of the car to check the circuit, otherwise the engine will be scrapped. When the car is wading through the water, the circuit equipment should be maintained in time. You can use a paper towel or dry cloth to dry the circuits one by one before starting.

2  Sideslip when driving

Slippery roads on rainy days increase the possibility of sideslip during vehicle driving. In addition to good driving habits and skills, good braking and tire conditions are also the key to safe driving. The vast majority of car brake systems are dual-pipe vacuum assisted hydraulic brakes. Among them, the brake fluid that transmits the braking force has strong water absorption. If water enters the brake fluid, the high temperature of friction will produce water vapor during the braking process. The gas is compressible, and when compressed in the brake fluid, it will cause brake failure or even failure.

Solution: In some vehicles with severe water absorption of brake fluid, water droplets can be seen on the cover of the brake fluid oil cup. Therefore, the brake fluid must be checked during maintenance to ensure the safety of the drivers and passengers. Once it is found that the car brake fluid has severely absorbed water, it should be sent to a professional repair shop for water removal.

In addition, if the vehicle tires are found to be severely worn before the rainy season, they must be replaced. Some people lower the tire pressure during the rainy season. The purpose is to increase the friction area between the tire and the ground, and then increase the adhesion. In fact, it is counterproductive. This is more likely to cause the tire to slip. It is very important to maintain a normal tire pressure.

3  Wiper failure

If you often drive in heavy rain, unclear vision must be the biggest hidden danger, and the importance of the wiper will be revealed. If the wipers at a time when the situation occurs, such as vibration and abnormal sound, then you should be careful, because there is a strong possibility that it send you a warning.

Solution: The increase of rain in the rainy season will inevitably make the wiper bear more responsibility, and the inspection and maintenance of the wiper must be more careful. Because the road surface and the line of sight are not conducive to driving in rainy weather, if the wiper does not wipe off the rain well, it will bring great danger to driving safety. At this time, the wiper plays a very important role. Therefore, its inspection and maintenance should be more careful.

The owner can set the wiper switch at various speed positions, pay attention to whether the wiper has vibration and abnormal noise during work, and check whether the wiper maintains a certain speed at different speeds.

Observe the state of the wiper and whether the wiper rod is really uneven or missed. Any of these two failures means that the wiper blade is damaged. At this time, you can pull up the wiper and touch the rubber wiper blade with your fingers to check for damage and elasticity. If the blade is aging, hardened or cracked, it should be replaced in time. The work of replacing the blade is not complicated, you can do it yourself. Remember to figure out what type of wiper blade this car uses.


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