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These several tire pressure error must pay attention to!


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These several tire pressure error must pay attention to!

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a flat tire that is 25 percent below the norm is three times more likely to explode. Higher than the standard 25%, the chance of a flat tire doubles.

Tire pressure is too low, the area of contact with the ground get bigger, on the one hand can make the tire and ground friction coefficient increase, on the other hand will cause tire scroll to bottom, the tire cord compression deformation of rubber tire cord is too large, when the tire rolling to the above, under the action of cord in elasticity and tension and to restore to in situ, this will make the internal flaps layer deformation, accelerate fatigue, serious when structural damage.

When the tire pressure is high, the overall rigidity will be enhanced, although there will be no friction overheat and excessive buckling, but severe bumps, high temperature, sharp object collision will also appear in the case of bulge or puncture. If only considering the normal driving factors, high-speed driving under the condition of low tire is undoubtedly more likely to cause a puncture!

High tire pressure is not necessarily fuel efficient. The flat tires of the car do not reduce too much contact surface, at the same time, too high tire pressure causes the tires to produce unnecessary beat, release some of the kinetic energy, to maintain speed, the engine will do more work, so more fuel than normal tire pressure.

Improper tire pressure affects tire life. If the tire pressure is too high, the tire rigidity will increase, the deformation and the ground area will decrease, which will first lead to the increase of the unit pressure in the middle of the tread, wear aggravation, produce the tire crown central wear phenomenon, affect the comfort and reduce the life of the tire; At the same time, will also make the tire grip reduced (especially in wet road, will affect the braking distance), will also cause the tire wear speed, resulting in uneven tire wear.

In contrast to the high tire pressure wear center, too low tire pressure, the crown will shrink, leading to wear on both sides of the tire. And, the tire is low and flat ratio is small have similar situation, when the tire side is squeezed, the hub and the ground directly impact, it is also very easy to cause the fracture of the cord layer line, or tire burst, or bulge.

The level of tire pressure also has some influence on safety, comfort and economy. Proper tire pressure can not only ensure driving safety, but also bring more comfortable driving experience.


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