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What are the advantages of a two-cylinder car air pump?


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Automobile air pumps are used when the tire pressure is insufficient and the tires are leaking and running out of gas. They become emergency supplies for automobiles. Generally, car owners put them in the trunk.
The working principle of the double-cylinder air pump: the drive machine drives the crankshaft to rotate, and the crankshaft drives the piston to reciprocate through the connecting rod. The reciprocating movement of the piston uses the volume of the cylinder to change periodically: the inlet and exhaust valves on the top of the cylinder periodically open When the air sucked by the intake valve is compressed by the piston to reach the exhaust pressure, it enters the air storage tank through the exhaust valve, exhaust pipe, and one-way valve for the user to use.

1.The all-metal steel core interface has good sealing, strong wear resistance, and long service life.

2.The 3m-long extension air tube can extend around the car body, which is convenient for the car to inflate, which solves the urgent need to inflate the tires because the power pump is too short to reach the air pump.

3.The high-precision tire pressure gauge controls tire pressure at any time. The embedded tire pressure gauge is more accurate and stable, preventing the tire from bursting due to inaccurate measurement of tire pressure and excessive inflation.

4.The base is equipped with a shock-absorbing rubber head, which effectively reduces the vibration feeling during inflation and greatly reduces noise interference.

5.Portable metal handle, non-slip design with insulated rubber sleeve, easy to carry.

6.There are protection bars on both sides of the air pump motor to protect the fuselage from external impact. In addition to the chrome-plated material, the fuselage is also sprayed with a layer of protective paint to truly prevent any possibility of oxidizing the fuselage.

7.The top-grade air-cooling fins ensure longer working time.

8.Powerful imported movements, more powerful motor power, and faster inflation of tires.

9.The product is lightweight and easy to carry. The weight is only 2.5kg.

10.The rated power is up to 150W, and the atmospheric flow is suitable for medium and large vehicles.

11.Equipped with three kinds of inflatable mouth excuses, it can be used to inflate cars, motorcycles, bicycles, inflatable mattresses, rubber boats, and various balls.


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