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What are the classification of car MP3?

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Car MP3 can be divided into the following five categories:

Divided from the power supply mode: a little cigarette lighter car MP3 and battery-powered car MP3 (No. 7 battery or button battery).

Divided from the sound source: there are independent audio interface type car MP3, U disk type car MP3 and car integrated MP3 player.

The working principle of the car MP3 is very simple. It transmits the audio signals output from various portable music devices such as MP3, CD, MD, etc. to the car FM stereo radio equipment by wireless transmission. The owner only needs to set the frequency of the car radio to Car MP3 frequency, or let the radio search the frequency to play.

Wired car MP3
Divided from the functional principle: there is also a separate type of special car dedicated to the use of the CDC disc package interface on the back of the original car CD host to expand the digital disc box car MP3. This car MP3 is connected to the original audio host with a direct wire. Namely line-in technology, the original car audio button control (can be controlled by the steering wheel keys), wired connection, reducing noise interference. The sound quality is comparable to CD discs. Because the wired connection extended by the original car CD host is used, the requirements for the car audio host are matched and strict, so it is closely related to the car original and modified host. The market will also change with the change of the vehicle's supporting host, so there are currently fewer manufacturers of this type of car MP3. The more representative one is: the series of products of the Chelebao brand produced by Shenzhen Chelebao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. . But because of the particularity, it may also be the research and development cost or the particularity of the market. The price of these products is much higher than the other wireless car MP3s above, and the market price generally ranges from 300-1000.

1. Common car mp3s on the market

The concept of car mp3s on the market is very vague and confusing. As long as mp3s can be played through the car's audio, it is called car mp3s.

1. FM transmitter

This audio transmitter is the longest in the market. It is just an FM transmitter, which is divided into two types, one is battery-powered, and the other is directly powered by a cigarette lighter. It can be connected by mp3, cd , Md and other audio output port of the playback device, FM transmission, and then achieve the purpose of "car mp3" through the car's radio.

2. U disk car MP3

Digital products have penetrated into various industries, and the automotive electronics industry is also booming. World-class IC manufacturers have also developed IC solutions dedicated to automotive mp3s, such as the host USB solution. Now the most seen by everyone is the kind of "butt" "Car mp3 with U disk inserted.

3. Full-featured MP3 with integrated FM

With the continuous development of the mp3 industry, competition in the mp3 manufacturing industry is becoming more and more fierce. Some mp3 manufacturers add FM transmitter modules to the original products to achieve the purpose of vehicle-mounted and add a selling point.

4. Car MP3 head

As a component of the car, it can be replaced with the original car seat or CD player. Input music and video through other external memory, support U disk, SD card, MMC card or other storage media.

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