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What are the necessary emergency tools for vehicles?


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1.Fire extinguisher

Car fire extinguisher is an important vehicle tool, but many car owners do not equip the car with a fire extinguisher, so they can't help when a danger occurs. Fire extinguishers are basically placed in the trunk

2.Safety hammer

Everyone knows that in the past, car glass lifts were hand-cranked, so they were rarely equipped in cars, and usually only appeared on passenger cars. However, after the electronic lift replaces the mechanical lift, there is a hidden safety hazard in wading traffic on rainy days, that is, the window cannot be opened after the wading is turned off. There are many types of safety hammers, it is best to choose a knife with weight, texture and full function, preferably with a seat belt cutting function. At present, there are two types of single-function safety hammer and multi-function safety hammer on the market. When the owner encounters an emergency, if he needs to break the window, he must use a safety hammer to smash the four corners of the window, because the middle part of the tempered glass is the strongest.

3.Spare tire

Although the spare tire is not a tool, it is still very necessary when the vehicle has a flat tire. At least it allows you to drive to the nearest repair shop, so you must bring a spare tire when traveling by car.

Spare tires are generally stored in the trunk, which is behind the trunk. Car spare tires are divided into full-size and non-full-size ones, which are generally placed in the trunk and also have a rear-mounted type. As an emergency device, the spare tire must be checked regularly by the owner.


Car jacks are placed in the car's toolbox and used to lift the body when replacing spare tires. Automobile jacks include pneumatic jacks, electric jacks, hydraulic jacks and mechanical jacks. Hydraulic and mechanical jacks are commonly used. Car jacks are used to replace spare tires. When driving outside, the tires are broken and easy to replace.

The jack is generally placed in the trunk, and some vehicles will be placed on the inner wall of the front cover of the vehicle or under the driver's seat.

5.Warning triangle

It is believed that the role of the triangle warning sign is not unknown to any netizen. It is a very important tool. When something unexpected happens, it is placed at the rear of the vehicle to remind the vehicle behind, avoid evasion in time, and avoid the occurrence of secondary accidents. Triangle warning signs are usually placed in the trunk. After an emergency occurs on an ordinary road, the triangle warning sign is generally placed about 50-100 behind the car. If it is at night or on a highway, it needs to be placed further away.


Like jacks, new cars are usually equipped with tire wrenches. When the tire fails, it can be replaced in time. Of course, if the owner still has some maintenance knowledge, he may wish to bring a set of common maintenance tools with the vehicle.

When unloading the tire, please release the handbrake and cover the other wheels with bricks.
Step hard, it won't hurt.

7.Tow rope

Car trailer rope is generally made of cloth tape, steel wire and nylon rope, and the length is 3M-10M. Features: Hooks or loops at both ends, for ease of use.

The trailer rope should be selected in eye-catching colors, such as yellow, blue, fluorescent green, fluorescent red, etc. At the same time, it should be noted that the faulty car is best driven by an experienced driver, so that it can better respond to emergencies.


The car is connected to the fire line when the vehicle can't start when there is no electricity, it can be started by the battery of another vehicle. It should be noted that the two vehicles must not have any contact during use, and the electronic systems of the two vehicles must have the same voltage. When connecting with a firewire, first clamp the red wire of the starter wire to the positive pole of the red battery of the "rescued car". Then clamp the red wire at the other end on the positive side of the red battery of the "ambulance". Clamp the black wire to the black negative battery of the "rescued car". Then clamp the black wire on the black negative battery of the "ambulance". Start the engine of the "rescue vehicle" first, and then start the engine of the "rescued vehicle". If it is found that the "rescued car" still cannot start, it is necessary to check whether the metal contact part is in poor contact.


Whether it is day or night, the light in the car and the bottom of the car is not very good, so we have to prepare a flashlight, of course, if there is a flashing light, it is better.

10.Tire repair tool + air pump

Often walking on the road, how can there be no tires. This situation can be easily solved in the city, but if it happens on a deserted road in front of the village and without the store, and there is no spare tire or the spare tire is also bad (the latter is really not a minority), you call Tiantian not Yes. Therefore, I suggest that every owner, at least those who often run long distances, should prepare a set of first aid kits for the tires.


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