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What is the use of tire pressure monitoring-

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What is the use of tire pressure monitoring

Today, I would like to share with you some knowledge about tire pressure monitoring in detail.Tire pressure monitoring System referred to as "TPMS" (Tire pressure Monitoring System) : This technology can be recorded by the tire speed or installed in the tire of electronic sensors, real-time automatic monitoring of various conditions of the tire, can provide effective security for driving.

Tire pressure monitoring system, airbag system and ABS (anti-lock braking system) system constitute the three safety systems of automobile, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents.

There are three types of tire pressure monitoring systems:

Indirect tire pressure monitoring system: it needs to be used together with the anti-lock braking system (ABS) of the vehicle. Its working principle is that when the pressure of a tire decreases, the vehicle weight will make the rolling radius of the wheel smaller, leading to its speed faster than other wheels. By comparing the speed difference between the tires, the purpose of monitoring tire pressure is achieved.

Direct tire pressure monitoring system: By installing four tire pressure monitoring sensors inside the tire, the tire pressure and temperature are automatically monitored in real time in the stationary or running process of the car, and the tire high pressure, low pressure and high temperature are timely reported to avoid traffic accidents caused by the tire fault, so as to ensure driving safety.

Compound tire pressure monitoring system: it has the advantages of the above two kinds. It is equipped with a direct sensor in two tires diagonally opposite to each other and a 4-wheel indirect system. Compared with the direct system, this compound system can reduce the cost and overcome the disadvantage that the indirect system cannot detect the low pressure of multiple tires at the same time.

In general, the direct tire pressure monitoring system will be better. But the tire pressure monitoring is not omnipotence, generally that kind of instantaneous puncture tire situation is difficult to identify, so we should also pay attention to avoid some sharp and hard objects when driving the vehicle.


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