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What towel is good for cleaning the car?


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What towel is good for cleaning the car?

Now almost every family has a car, we should pay attention to the use of towels when cleaning the car. Today we are going to tell you about towels that you can wash your car with.

The first is a microfiber towel.Due to the extremely fine fineness, the stiffness of the silk is greatly reduced, and the feel of the fabric is extremely soft. The fiber can also increase the layered structure of the silk, increase the specific surface area and capillary effect, and make the distribution of reflected light inside the fiber more delicate on the surface. The superfine fiber can absorb dust, particles and liquid of 7 times its own weight. Each strand is only 1/200 of the length of a hair. That's why microfibers are super clean. The interstice between the filaments can trap dust, oil and dirt until it is washed off with water or soap and detergent. These voids can also absorb a lot of water, so microfibers are highly absorbant. And because it's just stored in the void, it dries out quickly, preventing bacteria from growing.

The second kind is suede.Shammy is the skin of chamois of a kind of wild animal, grain surface is broken more, thicker than sheepskin, fibrous organization also is closer, it is the fine leather material of processing suede leather. Suede is also divided into raw and cooked suede, which is usually used to wipe glass or mirrors in cars, and cooked suede, which is usually used to wipe high precision instruments.

The third is sheepskin. Instead of deerskin, people now use fine goat and sheep skins, which are made of clear leather after oil tanning. They are quite soft in texture and quite protective against glass or other objects of moderate hardness.

The fourth is synthetic suede. It is a fabric that mimics suede and has dense, fine, soft, short hairs on the surface. Imitation used to be made of cowhide and sheepskin. Since the 1970s, polyester, nylon, acrylic, acetate fiber and other chemical fibers as raw materials imitation, to overcome the animal suede water shrink hard, easy to be moth, sewing difficulties shortcomings.


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