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Why do we have to buy TWS real wireless headphones(二)

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Why do we have to buy TWS real wireless headphones(二)

The third reason we chose TWS true wireless headphones is that they are more robust and fit for exercise.Many consumers considering buying true wireless headphones with TWS will have a question about whether the headphones will be easily lost if they are directly attached to the ear.TWS true wireless earphones are generally in-ear designs. In order to reduce the discomfort of wearing for a long time, some manufacturers usually adopt skin-friendly products, which are very comfortable and stable. And all TWS true wireless headphones are ergonomically designed, and a pair of ear flaps have been added to the outer edge of the headphones for reinforcement.

The fourth reason is that the battery life is very long.TWS true wireless headphones must be fitted with a storage case, and manufacturers often add a battery to the case to increase battery life.When we're not using headphones, we can put them in a storage case and they'll recharge themselves. The Charger can also charge bluetooth headsets. Assuming that one headset can last for 6 hours, the battery life of two TWS headphones can reach 12 hours if used separately. If we use one headset while charging the other, and assume that a charging case can charge the headset three times, in the manner of a single ear, that's a full 48 hours.

True wireless headphones have two other advantages.One is an advanced Bluetooth solution. Most of the current solutions used by TWS true wireless Bluetooth headsets are the latest V5.0 version, which can provide lower power consumption, lower latency, faster connection, higher transmission speed and capacity.The other is better noise reduction.

In order to be fixed in the ear, TWS wireless earphones must be in-ear earplugs, which have the best sealing property. And because of the latest technology, these headphones often work with the best noise reduction schemes.

These are the reasons why we choose TWS true wireless headphones. Have you ever been interested in them?


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