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Why do we have to buy TWS real wireless headphones(一)


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Why do we have to buy TWS real wireless headphones(一)

TWS is a technology that can be used in bluetooth headsets or audio technology to process Bluetooth signals into left and right channels for wireless separation. Wireless stereo headphones with this technology as the main solution are commonly referred to as TWS true wireless headphones. In the beginning, the headset usually used the right ear as the host and the left ear as the slave. However, it is now possible to use both headphones as a host, so that one headset can be used separately, taking into account driving and other usage scenarios and extending battery life.We chose TWS for four main reasons.

First of all, the TWS headset really gets rid of the headphone cable. One of the most annoying things we used to do with stereo headphones was the cords. For ordinary earphones, whether in-ear or in-ear, there are too many cases of damage caused by scratching the earphone cable, and the bad luck of disabling the sound equipment.After each use, if it is pressed into a ball, it will be wasted for half a day when the winding is opened next time. It will be better to use the winder, but it is also very troublesome.

In fact, many headphones are scrapped due to the broken wires of the connector. The headphones themselves are still good and can only be discarded. In the age of Bluetooth headsets, the neck type is much less annoying, but if you don't listen to it, the two headphones will be tossed around in front of your chest, until there is a magnetic suction type to solve this problem. But here comes the problem. It's just not connected to the device. TWS wireless earphone is a clean pair of earphones. You can put it on, pick it up when you don't need it, and put it in the storage box to recharge it automatically. It is really convenient and there is no annoying earphone cable.

The second point is that TWS true wireless headphones are easier to operate.Anyone who has used TWS true wireless headphones knows that they require a storage case as an accessory. When not in use, we just need to put the TWS headset into the storage case, and the headset will automatically disconnect, close and start charging. When you take it out, the headset automatically connects to the device it was connected to last time, even to the point of second connection, during which no other operation is required, it is very simple. In order to facilitate the operation of TWS wireless headphones, the control panel is generally touch-operated. The effect of control can be achieved by clicking the outer wall of the headset, which is easy and simple.


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