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electric screw driver

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electric screwdriver

An electric screwdriver is an electric tool used to tighten and loosen screws. The power tool is equipped with a mechanism for adjusting and limiting torque, which is mainly used in assembly lines and is one of the necessary tools for most production enterprises.

Electric screwdrivers are divided into three categories: straight rod type, handheld type and installation type.

According to the need to distinguish between home use and professional use, most electric screwdrivers are designed for professionals, and you should distinguish between professional and general household electric screwdrivers when purchasing. Usually, the difference between professional and general household electric batches is in power. The power of professional electric batches is larger to facilitate professionals to reduce the workload. The general household electric batches have relatively small workloads due to smaller projects. The input power of the electric batch does not need to be large.

As a mechanical part, the electric screwdriver cannot work without the electric screwdriver power supply, which provides energy and related control functions for the electric screwdriver. Drive the rotation of the motor. Because the parameters of the electric screwdriver motor are different, the speed will be different when the electric power supply outputs the same power.

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