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About the method and classification of warning tape


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Warning tape is composed of two parts, the substrate and the adhesive, and makes two or more unconnected objects join together by bonding. Its surface is coated with a layer of adhesive. The earliest adhesives came from animals and plants; in the nineteenth century, rubber was the main ingredient of adhesives; and in modern times, various polymers are widely used. Adhesives can stick to things because of the formation of bonds between their own molecules and the molecules of the item to be connected, and such bonds can firmly bind the molecules together. The composition of the adhesive, depending on the brand and type, there are different kinds of polymers. This is the principle of warning tape, so do you know about its use and classification? Here's what you need to know.

First, warning tape paste method

Warning tape after the surface of the object to be glued to the time exposed to the air before lamination. The time after the adhesive surface is laminated to the time before pressure is applied. The time from the application of adhesive on the object to be adhered to the assembly for heating or pressure or both heating and pressure. Note: Assembly time is the sum of drying time and laminating time. The method or process of overlapping and pressing together the substrates coated with adhesive. The assembly is heated and pressurized kind of gluing method. A method of gluing where the assembly is not heated but only pressed. The method of gluing the assembly by placing it in a strong electric field at high frequencies (several megaweeks) and the heat generated by electrical induction. Curing time (curingtime): In a certain temperature, pressure and other conditions, the time required to cure the adhesive in the assembly. High mechanical properties. Epoxy resin has strong cohesion, dense molecular structure, so its mechanical properties are higher than phenolic resin and unsaturated polyester and other general-purpose thermosetting resin. Excellent adhesive properties. The epoxy resin curing system has extremely active epoxy groups, hydroxyl groups and polar groups such as ether bonds, amine bonds and ester bonds to give epoxy cured products with very high bonding strength.

warning tape

Second, the classification of warning tape

1. According to the base material: can be divided into BOPP tape, cloth-based tape, kraft paper tape, paper tape, fiber tape, PVC tape, PE foam tape, etc..

2. According to the adhesive division: single-sided tape and double-sided adhesive tape.

About the warning tape and classification of the paste method, I will first introduce here, in our daily life we use warning tape, if there is no special needs, you can also be directly to the need to paste the place clean and then paste it, I hope this article can bring you harvest.


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