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Car decorations are safe to place like this

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Car decorations are safe to place like this

Nowadays, many trendy male and female car owners like to hang various accessories on the car, and many people even put some reflective or beautiful and novel stickers inside or outside the car to show their personality. But today I will explain some issues to you from a safety perspective, and tell you exactly how to place these decorations and accessories?

In fact, strictly speaking, it is best not to put these debris on the car to affect the driver. For example, automotive glass films should not be used. After all, the film will reduce the amount of light entering the car and affect the driver's line of sight. Especially at night, the effect is greater, if it is rainy night, the light will be more blurred. Therefore, everyone should pay special attention to the following, because safety cannot be ignored!

First of all, the car's airbags and seat belts, brakes and accelerator cannot be blocked. Let's start with the brake accelerator. No matter what ornaments it is, it cannot be placed in this position. However, people often forget the existence of car mats. Many accidents were caused by car mats. Therefore, if you want to use a car mat, I suggest you must choose a fixed one. Usually, there is a knob on the bottom of the car. If you wash the car, you must install the car foot pads in place. Otherwise, the foot pads will slide above the accelerator or under the brakes, which will threaten your life.

The second is the location of car airbags and seat belts. Many people think that airbags are very soft and will not cause harm. In fact, when the airbag is activated, it can smash a watermelon. Because the airbag needs to be filled in a few tenths of a second, it will deflate when someone hits the airbag. In addition, the seat belt will lock in the event of a collision. If there are some cute little clips or things hanging on it, it may cause you to directly strangle yourself when locked, so please remember not to put small ornaments or pendants here.

In addition to these places, there are more to be noted. For example, it is forbidden to place objects in the field of view of the rearview mirrors on the left and right sides of the vehicle, so as not to obstruct the driver's sight.

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