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Car first aid kit(1)


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Car first aid kit(1)

The innovation of automobile technology and technology brings us convenience, but at the same time, various factors will also bury safety hidden dangers and bring accidental injuries to drivers and riders. In order to prevent and reduce the degree of people injured in traffic accidents, some models will be equipped with first aid kits in the car.

Most drivers leave first-aid packages in the trunk and feel useless, but they can often play a key role in an emergency, especially when waiting for help, doing emergency self-rescue and dealing with injuries. Today we're going to talk about first aid kits for cars. In developed countries, they attach great importance to people's first aid awareness and skill training. At present, the popularity rate of first aid kits in many developed countries is very high. Many countries regard first aid kits as the standard configuration of cars, and have issued relevant laws and regulations to systematically regulate the use of first aid kits.

According to the data, there are precious treatment time of "golden 4 minutes" and "platinum 10 minutes" after a person is injured, which is very likely to be beyond the reach of an ambulance. So if we can use this time to save ourselves or help others, maybe we can save a life. Learn some first aid. If you use it, you may save your life.In the process of daily driving, the ubiquitous accidents, floods, man-made injuries, etc., require us to consider more for their own safety in advance. Having common emergency medicines and small tools in the car can help keep us out of danger quickly.

What are the first aid packages in the car?

The first is a bucket-type tourniquet. If we encounter an emergency, tourniquet is definitely needed, and failure to stop the bleeding in time will have serious consequences. Tourniquet is definitely essential. Of course, we also need to know some simple first aid knowledge before stopping the bleeding, otherwise the consequences would be unimaginable.

The second is gauze. We can use gauze for the suggested bandage for the ordinary bump or some minor conditions, and then deal with it after the professional person comes, after all, what we can do is to reduce the severity of the accident.


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