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Car first aid kit(2)

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Car first aid kit(2)

The third is medicine for motion sickness. If there are family members or friends who have carsickness, we can use carsickness medicine to relieve the situation, so that our car friends can feel more comfortable, also will not affect our normal driving.

The fourth is band-Aids. Band-aids are very common, and we must also have them in our first aid bags. When we go out to play, we can put band-aids on our shoes if they rub our feet or knock against our feet.

The fifth is a wound disinfection spray. Especially when taking the child to go out to play should take more in case, the child immunity is relatively weak, if the child appears knock against must be timely disinfection, then use band-aid or gauze timely dressing, in order to prevent the occurrence of some inflammation.

The sixth is cold medicine. When we go out to play, there will be a big temperature difference between day and night. People with poor health are also very likely to catch a cold in this weather. Therefore, keeping some cold medicine will make our journey easier.

The seventh is the first aid manual. It instructs the correct first aid knowledge as well as instructions and diagrams of first aid items, and can provide guidance when we do not know how to give first aid.

The eighth is instruments and tools. First aid scissors, medical pliers, safety pins, lifeguard whistle, etc. are convenient for the temporary treatment of wounds. The lifeguard whistle can call for rescue when it cannot be handled by itself.

The main use of vehicle first aid kit is in vehicles, including common cars, buses, buses, transport vehicles and even electric vehicles and bicycles can be equipped.

A first aid kit is best kept in a tool box around the driver's seat or in front of the copilot.


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