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mini first aid kit

The articles shown below are all about the mini first aid kit, through these related articles, you can get relevant information, notes in use, or latest trends about the mini first aid kit. We hope these news will give you the help you need. And if these mini first aid kit articles can't solve your needs, you can contact us for relevant information.
  • Basic family first aid knowledge(1)


    Basic family first aid knowledge(1)The first one is foreign matter entering the eye.First aid method: First, blink vigorously and frequently, and wash out foreign objects with tears. If it doesn’t work, pinch your eyelids and rinse your eyes under the tap. Be sure to remove contact lenses. If the co Read More

  • Are you ready for the emergency kit in the car?


    Are you ready for the emergency kit in the car?When driving, you will encounter various emergencies. Have you put all the necessary first aid kits and emergency supplies in the car? Here we highlight the following items for your reference.When a car crashes on the road due to a flat tire or unknown Read More

  • Outdoor travel first aid kit


    Outdoor travel first aid kitOutdoor travel first aid kits are required to be easy to carry, easy to use, clearly divided, and retractable. Choose a first aid kit for outdoor travel based on your own situation and destination. Simply put, there are the following points for reference:(1) The size of t Read More

  • Basic family first aid knowledge(2)


    Basic family first aid knowledge(2)The fifth is suffocation.First aid method: first call an ambulance quickly. While waiting for the ambulance, the following measures need to be taken: let the patient lean forward and pat the patient's back between the shoulders with the palm. If it doesn't work, yo Read More

  • First aid knowledge(3)


    First aid knowledge(3)Head trauma occurs, the victim falls into a coma, and skull fractures may occur.Skull fracture symptoms are: vomiting, convulsions and other symptoms, the top of the head may have depression;Visible wound or hematoma, bleeding from ear or nose or bloody fluid (cerebrospinal flu Read More

  • First aid knowledge(2)


    First aid knowledge(2)In case of accident, the family is often nervous, disorderly call the child, violently push and shake the child, in fact, this is wrong, it is best to treat in place, avoid by all means move at will! Especially the head injury, fracture sick child more avoid move.When giving fi Read More

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