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Outdoor travel first aid kit

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Outdoor travel first aid kit

Outdoor travel first aid kits are required to be easy to carry, easy to use, clearly divided, and retractable. Choose a first aid kit for outdoor travel based on your own situation and destination. Simply put, there are the following points for reference:

(1) The size of the first aid kit. Generally speaking, outdoor first aid kits are easy to open. If you travel alone, you should choose a smaller one. If you are not traveling alone, you can choose a larger first aid kit.

(2) Reserve space in the first aid kit, and prepare your own or others' standing medicines before traveling.

(3) According to different destinations, such as places with a lot of mosquitoes and snakes, you need to choose a more targeted first aid kit, or adjust the ordinary first aid kit yourself.

(4) First aid kits need the most basic equipment: disinfection and debridement, wound care, hemostatic bandages, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, cold compresses, emergency flashlights, reflective strips or fluorescent signs, etc.

Outdoor first aid kits are mainly used to prevent diseases, injuries, snake bites and other accidents, and for the first rescue treatment.

Generally, first aid kits contain some commonly used anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-febrile drugs, cold drugs, gastrointestinal drugs, and anti-allergic drugs. In summer, you can also prepare some medicines to prevent mosquito bites such as cooling oil, wind oil essence, and Huoxiang Zhengqi to prevent heat stroke. In addition, there are some bandages, gauze, elastic bands, tourniquets, iodophors, disinfectants and other items to prevent trauma.

The more commonly used medical supplies include white alcohol swabs, iodophor swabs, anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics, cold medicines, antidiarrheal medicines, knives, heatstroke medicines, Yunnan Baiyao, bandages, mosquito repellents and antipruritic medicines, as well as wind oil. Others include first aid blankets, triangle bandages, ice packs, disinfection towels, medical elastic bandages, blood-sucking cotton pads, medical tape, safety pins, scissors, tweezers, mouth-to-mouth breathing film for artificial respiration, and vitamin effervescent tablets.

Tools include solar flashlight, outdoor flashlight, compass, fire stick, magnifying glass, fish hook, fishing line, windproof match, knife, small mirror, lifestyle, paper and pen.

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