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First aid knowledge(2)


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First aid knowledge(2)

In case of accident, the family is often nervous, disorderly call the child, violently push and shake the child, in fact, this is wrong, it is best to treat in place, avoid by all means move at will! Especially the head injury, fracture sick child more avoid move.

When giving first aid, time is life, so you should be sent to the nearest hospital, especially when the breathing and heartbeat of children are on the verge of stopping, and it is not suitable to send them to the distant hospital. Small hospitals are also fully capable of giving first aid, and then transfer them to the superior hospital when the condition is relatively stable after first aid.

In daily life, flame burns and hot water, hot oil and other hot fluid scald the most common, some parents will give the child in the wound toothpaste, egg white or even soy sauce, mercurochrome, in fact, this is not correct, not only can not play a therapeutic role, but also to the next step of the doctor's diagnosis and treatment caused trouble.

The correct method is: should first use a lot of cold water to flush, soak the injury, for its cooling;Remove or cut off the clothing covering the injury, if there is adhesion, can be soaked in cold water and then gently remove, do not force off, so as to avoid aggravating the injury; It is not recommended to pick up blisters by yourself. Protect the wound with clean gauze. If the blister is too large or affects movement and is prone to rupture, puncture the bottom of the blister with a sterilized needle (rubbing alcohol or burning disinfection) and slowly release the liquid, then preserve the epidermis, take precautions and get to the hospital as soon as possible.

For general bleeding, direct compression, compression dressing hemostatic method: cover the wound with sterilized clean thick gauze, press it with hand for 5-10 minutes, and then wrap it with bandage, not too tight or loose, check the blood circulation at any time.

Pressure arterial hemostasis method: press the artery near the bleeding wound with your finger. In the relatively superficial part of the artery, press the artery to the bone block to block the blood flow. This method should not exceed 10 minutes of pressure time.

In addition, many trauma patients require frequent change of dressing, thinking that doing so will not be infected.

In fact, the number of changes depends on whether there is infection and how much exudate. Sterile wound, inside without gauze and other drainage, do not have to change dressing every day; The wound disinfection is good, the wound is clean, exudate is not much, 1 ~ 2 days change medicine; Infection fester, also want to change dressing according to the degree of infection. If change dressing too often, tear pull, drag in, injury new tissue, will affect and delay wound healing.


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