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First aid kit

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First aid kit

First aid kit is a small package containing first aid medicine, sterilized gauze, bandages, etc., which is used in case of accidents. According to different environments and different objects of use, it can be divided into different categories. It can be divided into household first aid kit, outdoor first aid kit, vehicle first aid kit, gift first aid kit, earthquake first aid kit and so on.

Disaster prevention and first aid kit, suitable for use in harsh environment in case of sudden disaster and accident, reasonable internal function partition, more convenient access to goods; It is equipped with comprehensive, scientific and exclusive disaster prevention and emergency self-help articles suitable for earthquake, fire and other accidents, meeting the overall needs of daily health care, disaster self-help and escape, outdoor travel and field work protection, and generally equipped with water and food.

Many families in Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries are equipped with a first-aid kit, so that they can save their lives in a life-or-death situation. Nitroglycerin tablets (or sprays) and instant relief pills are first-aid drugs. The family medicine cabinet should be equipped with 6 types of drugs, including surgical drugs for skin trauma, cold drugs and disinfectants. In addition, emergency medicines should be checked and replaced regularly every three to six months, with particular attention to their expiry dates.

We should have the country's first aid kit: radio, whistle or other transmitter unit, bottled water, compressed biscuits, sweet chocolate, vitamin tablets, bankbook, id, have a list of contact telephone number and address of the relatives and friends, money, blanket, gloves, flashlights, batteries, cell phones, accessories and emergency handling trauma commonly used drugs (including merbromin, iodine, ennis ointment - burn cream, eye drops, antiphlogistic medicine powder there of; Antipyretic tablets, Heart-protecting pills, painkillers, antidiarrheal drugs, antibiotics and other internal medicine; Triangle towel, tourniquet, bandage, adhesive tape, thermometer, scissors, tweezers, alcohol cotton ball and other medical materials. Cold medicine, phone card, pencil, book, candle and match, Swiss Army knife, raincoat.

Every Japanese house has a first aid kit. The first aid kit contains: water, food, medicine, change of clothes, towels, flashlight, radio, batteries, pens and paper, family phone, etc. Some even contain family photos, wills, belongings, etc.(Food and water should be checked and replaced regularly.) The balcony is also equipped with a string of successively dozen for escape. Meticulous preparation saves time and creates a chance of survival when disaster strikes.

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