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First aid knowledge(1)

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First aid knowledge(1)

Scald, stab, fracture, electric shock, mosquito bite these "lurk" around us accidental injury threat, you know how to deal with?

The home medical emergency inventory includes two lists: basic configuration and special configuration. Among them, there are 28 items in 5 categories, including personal protection, cleaning and disinfection, binding and fixation, first aid equipment, and escape equipment. The special configuration list includes 19 items in 4 categories, including special hemostasis, escape from danger, emergency medicine and epidemic prevention items. You can combine the actual needs of the directory on the basis of the corresponding configuration.

In addition, I would like to remind the public that emergency supplies should be regularly updated and properly placed to ensure that they are always available. At the same time, in order to make more accurate use of first aid items and implement correct first aid measures on the spot, it is strongly recommended that everyone attend the public first aid popular science training courses organized by regular medical institutions to systematically learn first aid skills.

parents and teachers can master some first aid knowledge and save children's lives in a critical moment. When giving first aid to children, the following principles should be followed to improve the success rate of treatment.

Don't panic in an emergency. Don't pull the electrocutor by hand, you may get an electric shock yourself.

First of all, we should cut off the power supply and remove the child from the power supply with sticks and other insulators.

If a child has acute abdominal pain, an overdose of painkillers can mask the condition and hinder proper diagnosis. Diarrhea patients before the use of antidiarrheal drugs, will make it difficult to expel toxins, intestinal inflammation intensified. If you don't know how to give first aid, you'd better do nothing and seek medical attention as soon as possible. Usually pay attention to the accumulation of some basic self-help and mutual rescue knowledge.

When encountering a critically ill child, first see if the sick child still has heartbeat and breathing, pupil and consciousness status. If the heart has stopped breathing, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) should be done immediately, rather than rushing to stop the bleeding. In case of suffocation or choking, heimlich should be used immediately.

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