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Common failures of electric hydraulic jacks and troubleshooting methods

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The electro-hydraulic jack has the excellent characteristics of light weight, large output force and the ability to perform remote operation. In actual operation, it can realize various forms of operation methods, so it is widely used in various industries such as railway construction, transportation construction, shipbuilding, and bridge construction. In recent years, it has been obtained in some basic types of occasions. Reuse. So, what are the common fault forms and troubleshooting methods when there is a fault?

First,Insufficient pressure

1. If the electro-hydraulic jack has insufficient pressure, some of its main reasons are probably due to the value of the safety valve being adjusted too low, causing the valve that maintains the safety valve to be stuck.

2. The joint is loose and the original part of the sealing part is damaged. At this time, the damaged part needs to be replaced.

3. The failure of the general pressure is likely to cause distortion of the pressure response. At this time, the pressure gauge needs to be repaired.

Second,Insufficient flow

1. Insufficient flow rate In many cases, the wear gap between the components of the equipment is too large, causing the spring to break, so naturally the broken spring should be replaced.

2. When water leakage occurs in various places, it will cause insufficient flow. Be sure to tighten and replace every street place.

3. When the oil temperature is too low, it will cause difficulty in oil absorption by the equipment, and when the oil temperature is too high, it will actually reduce the volumetric efficiency. Therefore, in the actual operation process, the oil temperature must be controlled at all times Between 20 degrees and 70 degrees Celsius.

The electro-hydraulic jack is actually a relatively fragile machine. The maintenance of the entire fuselage and the maintenance of some equipment connected to it must be connected and worked when the machine is ready, otherwise it will be easy to block or overflow The situation will have a great impact on the efficiency of the work and the results. Therefore, before carrying out the actual operation, be sure to check whether each part has been connected in place.

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