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Five major points of car humidifier purchase


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Car humidifier is a special humidifier used in the car, the frequency of use is more widespread, especially female friends of the car will be used. Now it's time to buy a car humidifier season, I'll teach you how to buy a car humidifier, the main method is to see whether the sterilization technology; see whether the performance is stable; see whether the automatic constant humidity function, etc., look together!

A, whether there is a sterilization technology

Buy a car humidifier to choose the standard brand, car humidifier tank to have silver ion sterilization technology, to avoid water deterioration, to protect the car has been in a healthy humidity.

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B, whether the performance is stable

Car humidifier in the fog has a fine and uniform effect, soon the humidification effect is very significant, and also able to carry out the specific procedures of humidification at regular intervals, bringing a lot of convenience to users. In addition, the car humidifier fog volume can be adjusted according to the specific humidity, in the use of performance has the stability of performance, so we can not miss the choice.

C, whether there is automatic constant humidity function

Car humidifier can be controlled according to the user's wishes car humidifier work, so that indoor air humidity is maintained at a good level, to avoid excessive humidification. Regardless of the size of the humidification area, if there is no automatic constant humidity function, it is easy to cause excessive humidity in the room. At present, a large part of the domestic bottom market some products do not have automatic constant humidity function, many manufacturers are using timers instead of humidity controllers, are unable to meet the requirements of use.

D, the shape

Car humidifier and home humidifier, like the shape of different, very beautiful. When choosing a humidifier for the car, be sure to focus on the shape of the humidifier. There is a principle: the shape of the humidifier should match the overall style of the car décor. If you decorate the car lively and cute, then the humidifier should choose a fruit type or cartoon animal type; if the car interior is business-type, you should choose an atmospheric cup-shaped humidifier, showing a dignified temperament.

E, color

Different colors will bring different visual effects, the color of the car humidifier must match the overall color of the car, or give a very abrupt feeling. If the color of the main body of the car is black, then choose a humidifier to choose a large red or bright black, so that the humidifier and the car body in one, showing the dignity and luxury; if the main color of the car is beige, the humidifier can choose white or light green, highlighting the light and chic.


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