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Hand tools(4)

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Hand tools(4)

Seiko hand tools

1. Use appropriate saw blades for the work, such as 14 teeth per inch for cutting hard or thick soft metals; 18 teeth per inch for tool steel, iron pipes, hard metals, etc.; and 24 teeth per inch for metal plates , Metal pipe, thin iron bar sawing.

2. Push the saw forward and lift it gently when pulling it back.


1. The wrench of appropriate size should be selected according to the nature of the work.

2. When using the adjustable wrench, force should be applied to the fixed side, never force to the movable side.

3. If the opening of the wrench is worn or slips during use, do not continue to use it to avoid slipping.

4. Do not use a wrench as an iron to strike. 5. Do not put a pipe on the handle end of the wrench to increase the torque of the wrench.

Long square: Press the inside of the first side of the square, leaning against the edge of the board, and draw a pencil along the inside of the second side of the square to draw a vertical line.


1. Choose an appropriate screwdriver according to the size and shape of the screw head groove.

2. The handle of the screwdriver should not be hit with a hammer, and the damaged handle should be replaced immediately.

3. Do not use screwdrivers as chisel or leverage.

4. An electric screwdriver should be used to check the current, and a general screwdriver cannot be used to check high voltage.

5. The blade of the screwdriver cannot be ground to avoid damage to the hardened surface.

6. The screwdriver should not be put in the pocket of clothes or trousers to avoid injury from collision or fall.

The C-type clamp is used to fix the work object. When clamping the object, the shaft and rocker face down. Generally, use a 3-inch clamp or a 4-inch clamp {refer to the maximum thickness that can be clamped}.


1. The pliers are only used to fasten, insert and remove various pins and nails, and to cut or tighten various wires.

2. Pliers cannot be used to tighten or knock bolts or nuts.

3. The handle of the pliers cannot be hit or lengthened to increase the clamping or cutting power.

Woodworking knives are generally used to trim irregular parts of the details. The blade is a whole piece and is less likely to break.

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