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repairing Power Tool Set

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  • Guide to essential household tools


    Daily life we always encounter various items of damage, if the hands are not very strong, you need to use the help of some tools, so some tools are particularly recommended for each family should be prepared, this issue for you to recommend a few daily essential tools list.Toolbox setThis set of too Read More

  • What are the common hardware tools in the toolbox?


    The plumbing is broken, the screws are off, the table and chairs need to be installed ...... every family will have some tricky "little trouble". Not to solve these "small troubles" are embarrassed to say that they will run the home. Do-it-yourself solution will need some good help, toolbox is a goo Read More

  • Break-in period for power tools


    I don't know if you have such an experience, after buying back power tools, sometimes you will find that it breaks down after a little while, while replacing a tool of the same model, and can be used for a long time. The difference, which many people do not know, is that the key is that the tools ha Read More

  • 5 points of power tools selection skills


    Now a large number of power tools have penetrated into people's working life, but the dazzling brands on the market lead to different quality. Although there are various regulations and inspection systems that have clear requirements for power tools, it is difficult to avoid having products of lower Read More

  • Common maintenance methods for power tools


    Nowadays in our production life, power tools are everywhere, there are hammers, drills, electric planes, screwdrivers, wrenches, sanders and so on, countless, the maintenance of power tools is very important, if the maintenance is not good, not only affect the service life, but also the performance Read More

  • The use of common hand tools and how to use them(2)


    8, hacksaw: including hand saw (home use, woodworking), cut-off saw (tree pruning), folding saw (tree pruning), hand bow saw, edging saw (woodworking), longitudinal saw (woodworking), cross-cutting saw (woodworking).9, level ruler: level ruler with level bubble, can be used for inspection, measureme Read More

  • The use of common hand tools and how to use them


    As we all know, hand tools are essential hardware products in daily life and production, and they play a pivotal role in people's life and social production. So, do you know the uses of all kinds of hand tools and how we should use them correctly? The following for you to inventory the common use of Read More

  • Hand tools(4)


    Hand tools(4)Seiko hand tools1. Use appropriate saw blades for the work, such as 14 teeth per inch for cutting hard or thick soft metals; 18 teeth per inch for tool steel, iron pipes, hard metals, etc.; and 24 teeth per inch for metal plates , Metal pipe, thin iron bar sawing.2. Push the saw forward Read More