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How do you clean a dirty car interior?


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How do you clean a dirty car interior?

With the change of people's travel mode, the car has gradually entered into everyone's life.

In fact, cars also need to clean up the internal environment regularly, especially the interior parts. It is easy to accumulate dust in normal times, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.

Now every car’s interiors are design of delicate and easy, most function of auto operation is concentrated in the central part, accumulate over a long period of touch made originally light button with a thin layer of grease, air-conditioning outlet under the thick with dust, the steering wheel, handrails box, seat has lost its former brilliance, become dull or even have a visible stain attached.

The tools and methods used to clean the interior of the vehicle vary from place to place.

Clean the dashboard, steering wheel, in the control of plastic parts, with the most common bubble type cleaner on the market can achieve a very good cleaning effect, clean first wipe again, spray cleaning agent, wait for the foam to eliminate almost after dab with a towel several times. After waiting for air to dry, wipe maintenance agent, let the interior keep a long time beautiful.

Vehicle seats are divided into flannelette fabrics and leather fabrics. When cleaning flannelette fabrics, spray the fabric with efficient foam cleaning agent. After the foam is removed, wipe the seat repeatedly with clean towel until the seat is as clean as before.

Leather fabrics is in when cleaning, clean with cleaner first, remove cleaner with clear water again, wipe repeatedly must not have cleaner remain, besmear goes up finally leather maintains agent, leather fabrics cannot use clean the product with too strong force, can corroded leather face to cause fade, crackle wait for damage. Leather fabrics cleanness also cannot be too frequent, too frequent can accelerate the aging speed of leather only, general 3 to 4 months cleanness can.

The car interior decoration is the part that we contact directly when driving, its neatness directly affects our driving mood and health, the way to clean it is not difficult, the owners of the car can create a good car atmosphere for themselves.

Remind each car owner even, love clean is a good thing, but in the process of driving the interior decoration found dirty, must wait for the vehicle park after cleaning, safety is the most important.


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