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How likely is it that we encounter a car puncture?


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Most of the major traffic accidents on highways are due to a flat tire when the car is driving at high speed. But in our daily driving, as car owners, only a very small number of people have experienced a puncture. Some people have even driven a car for decades without a puncture. However, there are always tragic accidents caused by a puncture. So, how likely is it that we encounter a car puncture?


In daily driving, there is a certain chance of encountering a puncture of other vehicles, and most of them are seen in large trucks. If you have observed the tires of a truck, you will find that some of the tires of the truck have worn out almost smoothly, and the lines are almost invisible.


The reason why trucks are reluctant to change tires is simply because they are expensive. First, trucks rarely only change one tire. Second, in order to save a little money, many truck drivers choose second-hand tires with no guarantee of quality or cheap retreaded tires.


A flat tyre in a truck can be as powerful as a small bomb that can cause a vehicle to lose control. Therefore, why do we recommend that when you encounter a truck, you should decisively increase the gas and overtake to minimize the parallel time. One is that the truck’s vision is unclear, and the other is that it will interfere with the normal trajectory of the car,  the third is to avoid a puncture of the truck.


What about the passenger cars we drive? Is it easy to puncture too?

As the only parts of the car in contact with the ground, directly related to the form of safety car tires, automotive technology is so advanced today, we would still be assured of safety to car tires, not without reason.The chance of a car puncture is less than one in ten thousand. Of course, you also need to observe the condition of the tyre during your daily use of the car. If there are the following abnormal conditions, you must decisively choose to replace it with a new tyre.


One is the deformation of the tread and the peeling of the pattern. After the tire is subjected to a strong external impact, it is very likely that the tread will be deformed, and the uneven force caused by improper parking and other reasons for a long time will most likely cause the tire pattern to peel off.


The second is that the scratches are too deep. It is generally believed that scratches over 6mm are more serious, which is at the demarcation point where the carcass structure is damaged. In addition to the data for reference, any visible tire wall damage or split must be replaced with a new tire, especially when the inner liner, ply, protective layer and other structures are visible to the naked eye because of the damage, the tire must be replaced immediately.


The third is bulging, which is the most common cause of tire blowouts. The reason why tires are bulging is that, in addition to the external impact that causes the tire cord to break, many tires have such hidden dangers when they leave the factory, and there are many recalls. Therefore, as long as the tire is found to have a bulge, it needs to be replaced immediately, otherwise it is very easy to puncture.


In fact, the chance of a small passenger car encountering a puncture is really low. As long as you pay attention, the risk of a puncture rarely occurs. In addition, some car owners worry that their tires have been patched, can they run at high speeds? The answer is yes. After the daily tread is pierced by sharp foreign objects such as iron nails, it will not damage the steel wire, cord and polyester layer structure on a large scale. As long as the tire is repaired correctly, the high speed problem is not big, even if there is, it is just a leak. It will not explode, and the car owner will have sufficient time to deal with the problem, so don’t worry too much.


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