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How to choose a suitable electric wrench?

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An electric torque wrench is a high-precision wrench that can be set to torque and is powered by a power source. It is a tool for tightening and removing bolts.The torsion shear type is specially used to twist the torsion shear type bolts, and the electric wrench is selected according to the bolt specifications; the high-precision fixed torque is mainly used in the occasions with torque requirements, and the electric wrench is selected according to the torque;The impact type electric wrench is cheap and efficient, but the torque accuracy is poor. The electric wrench is mainly selected according to the bolt specification.As the accuracy of work increases, the demand for torque wrenches in all walks of life is also increasing. Then, what should be paid attention to when choosing a torque wrench?


Current electric motors are divided into two types: brushed and brushless.

What is carbon brush?The inside of the brushed motor rests on the surface of the inverter. When the motor rotates, the electric energy is sent to the coil through the inverter. Since its main component is carbon, it is called a carbon brush, which is easy to wear. It should be regularly maintained and replaced, and carbon deposits should be cleaned up.

How does a brushless motor work?The brushless motor adopts electronic commutation, the coil does not move, and the magnetic pole rotates. The brushless motor uses a set of electronic equipment to sense the position of the magnetic pole of the permanent magnet through the Hall element. According to this perception, the electronic circuit is used to switch the direction of the current in the coil at the right time to ensure that the magnetic force in the correct direction is generated to drive the motor. . Eliminate the shortcomings of brushed motors.Although brushless motors are slightly more expensive, they have a very low failure rate, long life, and relatively high cost performance.


According to the bolt size and process requirements, select the appropriate torque range.

3.Rotating speed

Rotation speed directly determines work efficiency. A wrench with a fast rotation speed can save the operator valuable working time.


High-precision wrenches will stop rotation precisely when the preset torque is reached, especially for flange bolts that require high precision. It is recommended to use high-precision wrenches.DC06012---电动扳手---02_09


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