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How to clean the car interior?

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Those who drive often know that in addition to keeping the appearance of a car clean and tidy, the interior of the car should also be cleaned frequently.The dirty car environment not only affects the mood of driving, but also easily breeds bacteria and affects the body.So how to clean the car interior, let me tell everyone.

Essential tools:

Car vacuum cleaner:Used to remove dust and impurities

Detergent:Decontamination cleaning agent is needed when cleaning slush-molded items.Foam cleaning agent is needed to clean fabrics and ceilings.

Dedicated cleaning towel/Foam sponge:Use a rag to clean the house car interior may produce minor scratches, it is best to use a professional car cleaning towel or foam sponge would be better.

Small brush, cotton swab, eraser:Used for cleaning in details.

Cleaning method:

1.Preliminary cleanup

The first step in cleaning the car interior is to organize the contents of the car first.First, remove unnecessary debris (such as empty mineral water bottles, waste paper) in the car.Then take other items out of the car to avoid affecting the cleaning process.

2.Car roof

Common fabric materials on the market are used for automotive headliners, remember not to use a brush.You can spray the foam cleaning agent evenly on the surface, and then use a professional cleaning towel to repeatedly wipe the foam into the fabric.

3.Dash board

The dashboard is mostly made of slush plastic.Need to use decontamination cleaner for cleaning.First use a special cleaning towel to wipe off the surface dust, and then use the cleaning agent.The dirt accumulated in the groove can be gently erased with an eraser.

4.Air conditioner outlet

Use a small brush to carefully remove the dust, and then wipe off the dust that has fallen around.Dust on the air outlet grid is not easy to clean, the swab moistened wipe may be.


Need to be cleaned according to the material of the seat.Fabrics can be cleaned with foam cleaning agent. After cleaning, remember to blow dry to prevent damp and mildew.After cleaning the leather seat with foam cleaner,wipe it again with clean water and wipe dry at the end.After cleaning, it is recommended to take care of the leather to prevent wrinkles and cracks.

6.Car floor

After completing the above parts, finally clean the floor.Use a car vacuum cleaner to clean the dust, if you have a foot pad, don’t forget to clean it.

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