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How will it be safer to use electric hydraulic jacks?


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The so-called electric hydraulic jack is actually composed of a hydraulic device and an electric pump. This device can work in various ways such as pushing, pulling, squeezing, and pressing. Its operation is also dangerous. When applying, you need to pay attention to some factors, and observing certain usage methods is helpful to safety.

1. Check before use

Mainly check whether each part is normal, according to the instruction manual of each part, during use, the parameters of each part must be used, and the overload and height must not be exceeded. When overweight or overweight, it will induce the leakage of jack fluid.

2. Gravity position

Gravity position and landing position should be selected appropriately. The ground is smooth, choose whether to lay timber according to the smoothness of the ground. If you lay planks, the planks should be strong and rough, and should be placed steadily to prevent the weight-bearing items from sloping and sinking. After the electric hydraulic jack lifts a heavy object, it is necessary to support and fix the heavy object in time to prevent slipping. It is not possible to use an oversized tonnage jack as a support. If you want to support heavy objects for a long time, you can choose a self-locking jack.

3. Precautions for piston rod

Before use, you need to check the quick joint of the manual pump to ensure that it can be correctly docked with the jack. After selecting the location, you need to tighten the oil drain screw to start the work. There are certain precautions when lowering the piston rod. To lower the piston rod, the manual oil pump bracelet needs to rotate counterclockwise and become loose. The cylinder is unloaded, allowing the piston rod to gradually lower, preventing the piston rod from falling too quickly, which is very dangerous.

4. Use multiple units together

If you want to have several electric hydraulic jacks to be eaten at the same time, choose the same type of jack and multiple shunt gates, unless it is a large-tonnage power jack, the load of each machine needs to be balanced. When lifting, the starting time and speed All need to be synchronized. Uneven stress will cause the ground to sink, this factor also needs to be taken into account. Simultaneously rise to prevent the occurrence of danger caused by tilting of heavy objects.

The electric hydraulic jacks that you want to use are safer, and you should pay attention to the above aspects. Only by paying attention to these aspects can the user's personal safety be guaranteed when the jack is in operation.


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