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Recommendations for buying car air purifiers

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Car air purifiers refer to air purification equipment dedicated to the purification of PM2.5, toxic and harmful gases (formaldehyde, benzene series, TVOC, etc.), peculiar smells, bacteria and viruses in the air in the car.

working principle:

Its working principle is as follows: The micro fan in the machine circulates the air in the car, and the polluted air filters or adsorbs various pollutants after passing through the PM2.5 filter and activated carbon filter in the machine, and then passes through the air outlet. The negative ion generator continuously ionizes the air to produce a large number of negative ions, which are sent out by the micro-fan to form a negative ion airflow to achieve the purpose of cleaning and purifying the air.

Buying advice:

Is it convenient and safe to place in the car

Convenience and safety are the primary considerations. Because if it is inconvenient to place in the car or there is a safety hazard after placing it, no matter how good the air purifier is, it cannot be used.Generally speaking, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials are better than weaker materials.

Is the air purification in the car comprehensive and efficient

Convenience and safety are the most basic considerations, and the purification effect is the key decisive factor.

(1) Purification method. Air purifiers are generally divided into "filter" purification and "ion cluster" purification. Filter purification is mainly to draw air into the machine through a fan, and filter and purify the air through the filter. Ion cluster purification mainly uses ion generators to eject ion clusters into the air to actively purify air pollution.

(2) Air duct design. Since there are many "obstacles" in the car, to fully purify the air in every part of the car, a scientific air duct design is required. For example, a filter air purifier needs a better design of the air inlet duct, and an ion air purifier needs a more scientific design of the air outlet duct.

Whether the new function meets the demand

With people's recognition of car air purifiers and the increase in usage, people's requirements for air quality in cars are also increasing, and car air purifiers have also added new functions.

(1) Anti-bacterial and virus-removing function. It can effectively remove bacteria and viruses in the car, and effectively prevent influenza and other diseases.

(2) Aromatherapy function. A car air purifier, in addition to creating a healthy air environment in the car, is also very important to create a pleasant breathing experience for consumers. Some car air purification brands add high-end aromatherapy to their products. While purifying the air, it also makes breathing in the car more natural and beautiful.

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