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Skills of using electric hydraulic jack

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Electro-hydraulic jacks are often used in our daily life. If you do not pay attention to correct operation during use, problems will easily occur, which will be more troublesome. Therefore, we must pay attention to the correct use of electro-hydraulic jacks. The following skills must be mastered.

1. Electric hydraulic jacks need fuel to be motivated. If there is insufficient oil or oil leakage occurs, the use effect of the jack will be greatly reduced. So check the oil cylinder of the equipment regularly to see if the oil volume is normal. If the oil leaks or the oil is insufficient, deal with it in time.

2. If it is a newly purchased electric hydraulic jack, or a jack that has not been used for a long time, there will be more air in the cylinder, and there may even be a sudden jump. To avoid this situation, the Tang jack can reciprocate in the direction of no load, so that the air in the cylinder can be discharged.

3. Regularly check the high-pressure tubing of the electro-hydraulic jack. It is best to check it every six months. If the jack is used more frequently, the density of the high-pressure tubing should be smaller. Generally, it is checked every three months. normal. Only regular inspections can detect problems and solve problems early to avoid affecting the work of the equipment.

4. The jack operation must abide by the technical norms, do not operate blindly, and the newbies must be trained and master the skills before operating. This can ensure that the device works properly and can also extend the service life of the device.

In short, the electro-hydraulic jack is an advanced mechanical equipment, which must be used correctly and at the same time pay attention to daily maintenance, so that the equipment can better serve human beings. In addition, we should remind everyone that if you buy a jack, you must go to a regular manufacturer to buy it. It is best to choose a large brand of equipment, so that the product can have better quality and longer service life. If there is a problem, it can be properly resolved.

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