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Snow removal equipment and snow removal vehicles(1)

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Snow removal equipment and snow removal vehicles(1)

Snow brings great inconvenience and difficulty to roads and people's travel, and even disasters, causing frequent accidents such as traffic interruptions. Therefore, snow removal in winter is a very important task.

Snow removal equipment mainly includes snow removal shovel and snow removal roll, and snow melting agent spreader. The snow removal vehicle is equipped with matching snow removal shovel and first snow roll on a special vehicle, which is also called a multifunctional snow removal vehicle. The function of the snow removal vehicle is to remove ice and snow from the road. It usually uses the chassis of an automatic dump truck as a basis, plus a modification equipped with special snow removal equipment. Using a multifunctional snow removal vehicle to remove snow is the most efficient of various snow removal methods. Different types of equipment can be selected for different road conditions and climatic conditions. It is efficient and reliable to use. It is an ideal tool to realize the advanced "instant snow removal" concept select.

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