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Snow removal equipment and snow removal vehicles(2)


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Snow removal equipment and snow removal vehicles(2)

The structural characteristics of the snow removal shovel

(1) It has a flip-type automatic obstacle avoidance and collision avoidance system, and the obstacle height: 310mm.

(2) The snow removal shovel adopts an independent hydraulic system with a working voltage of 24V, and the operation is a wireless remote control.

(3) The snow removal shovel has an automatic road profiling function.

(4) Integral welding, the steel shovel surface is coated with high-quality anti-corrosion materials, and it is equipped with a two-way operation warning rod with night reflection effect.

(5) The snow removal shovel uses a stable lock pin to fix the quick connection device, which can quickly complete the connection or disassembly.

(6) It has a safe switchable independent lighting system to meet the needs of night operations, and has a turn signal and a width sign.

(7) The snow removal shovel blade is 65Mn, which has been subjected to intermediate frequency quenching treatment and has super wear resistance. It is interchangeable with rubber blade.

(8) Control system: The control system adopts a self-developed wireless control system, which can be easily operated inside and outside the cab (effective control distance of 100 meters).

Use of snow removal shovel: Widely used for real-time snow removal on urban roads, highways and airports in winter. Description of the performance characteristics of snow removal shovel:

(1) Plow-plate snow removal shovel, adjustable bidirectional angle, left and right deflection angle ≥30°, and adjustable at will;

(2) The driver operates in the cab, which is safe and reliable;

(3) In snow removal operations, the snow removal shovel blade has an automatic adjustment function according to the road cross slope gradient;

(4) The installation and disassembly of the snow removal shovel is convenient and quick;

(5) The snow removal shovel has a reasonable structure, which can push snow to one side when operating at low speed, and throw snow up when operating at high speed;

(6) It has a lighting system independent of the vehicle body, which is convenient for night operation;

(7) The shovel body is turned over to avoid the snow removal shovel. When the shovel blade of the snow removal board encounters an obstacle at any point, the shovel body of the snow removal shovel is overturned to avoid the snow removal vehicle. The maximum obstacle height ≥260mm .


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