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Snow removal equipment and snow removal vehicles(3)


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Snow removal equipment and snow removal vehicles(3)

The push-mounted snow roll uses the hydraulic power of the loader, and the hydraulic power is distributed from the control element to the actuator through the pipeline, so as to drive the snow roll to work at high speed. The left and right buttons in the loader cab are used to adjust the brush to swing left and right, and the forearm joystick is used to adjust the brush rotation. Before opening the snow roll, check the appearance and whether the fasteners and hydraulic components are normal. When working, use the left and right buttons in the loader cab to adjust the brush to swing left and right. Start the hydraulic power of the loader, drive the hydraulic pump to rotate, and send the hydraulic oil into the hydraulic valve through the hydraulic pump, open the left and right swing hydraulic cylinders to make the angle meet the requirements, start the upper and lower hydraulic cylinders to adjust the snow brush to contact the ground, open The motor control switch rotates the snow brush, and then the loader drives to achieve the cleaning purpose.

The purpose of the first snow roll: used for snow removal operations on high-grade highways, urban roads, airports, squares, and scenic roads.

The performance characteristics of the first snow roll:

(1) It can be used with a variety of automobile chassis. It adopts a quick connection mechanism that interchanges common standards for snow removal shovel and snow removal brush. The installation and disassembly of the snow removal brush and the vehicle is simple and convenient, and the operation is safe and reliable;

(2) The driver can perform various actions on the snow removal brush in the cab, which is convenient and quick;

(3) Sweeping of special materials, thorough cleaning and long service life;

(4) The use of solid-core high-capacity wear-resistant support wheels greatly improves the reliability of the snowplow. The height of the bristles from the ground and the grounding can be adjusted arbitrarily, which improves work efficiency and achieves better results;

(5) The operation device is flexible and safe to deflection and lift, and the operation is precise and adjustable without affecting the function or performance of the meta-vehicle carrier;

(6) Refueling anti-snowback device, will not cause back snow, and clean the road;

(7) It can be used in conjunction with an independent hydraulic station, and it can also take power from the car chassis.


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