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Snow removal equipment and snow removal vehicles(4)

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Snow removal equipment and snow removal vehicles(4)

The snow-melting spreader is a highly efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, safe, and intelligent automatic operation snow-melting equipment tailored according to the current domestic winter highway and main roads and site maintenance needs. This machine is mainly composed of a hopper part, a hopper rain-proof device, a hopper lifting device, a conveying device, a spreading device, a power system, and a frequency conversion control system. It is suitable for all kinds of transportation vehicle chassis. The size and tonnage specifications are complete. The snow melting spreader is convenient Reliable, accurate, simple and flexible construction operation, stable and efficient operation quality. The Honda engine is electrically started to work. The hydraulic pump drives the motor to rotate, and the deicing agent in the hopper is delivered to the sprinkler. The motor drives the high-speed rotating sprinkler to evenly scatter the deicing agent.

The purpose of the snow melting agent spreader: high-level power, urban roads, squares, airports, scenic spots, etc. snow melting and ice melting operations.

The performance characteristics of the snow melting agent spreader:

(1) It has multiple functions such as salt spraying and snow melting agent;

(2) Intelligent automatic control of spreading width, spreading amount and driving speed, stable, accurate and reliable measurement;

(3) Use carbon steel plate or stainless steel structure, three-level anti-corrosion treatment;

(4) The power group uses domestic well-known brand engines;

(5) The setting of spreading amount and spreading width can be directly operated in the cab;

(6) Spreader screw conveyor or belt conveyor, convenient operation and reliable performance;

(7) Spread the movable filter on the upper part of the chassis body to prevent large particles of machine debris from entering the equipment and ensure the safety of the equipment;

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