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Structure of electric wrench

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There are two types of electric wrenches: safety clutch type and impact type.

The safety clutch type is a structure that uses a safety clutch mechanism that trips when a certain torque is reached to complete the assembly and disassembly of threaded parts;
The impact type uses the impact mechanism to complete the assembly and disassembly of the threaded parts with its impact torque.

Due to its simple structure, the output torque is small, and there is a certain reaction torque, it is generally only suitable for the manufacture of electric wrenches of M8mm and below;
The latter has a complicated structure and high manufacturing process requirements, but its output torque is large and the reaction torque is very small. It is generally suitable for manufacturing larger specifications of electric wrenches.

The impact type electric wrench is composed of a motor, a planetary gear reducer, a ball spiral groove impact mechanism, a positive and negative power switch, a power connection device and a motorized sleeve.
Impact electric wrenches include single-phase series-excited electric wrenches and three-phase electric wrenches according to the type of motor used.
The motor of the single-phase series-excited electric wrench is housed in a plastic casing. The plastic casing is used not only as a structural member supporting the motor, but also as an additional insulation for the motor stator. When the impact type electric wrench is assembled or disassembled, there is a large axial tension between the end surface of the plastic casing of the device motor and the plastic front cover of the planetary gear reducer and ball spiral groove impact mechanism of the device, and the planetary gear The reducer requires high assembly accuracy, so metal inserts are provided at the stop, bearing chamber and threaded joint of the plastic shell to enhance the rigidity of the shell, improve the processing accuracy of the plastic shell and the axial force of the joint. ability.

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