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Summer car sun protection special accessories


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Air exchange method, simple enough to direct

Before starting the car, open the passenger side window, then get out of the car and repeatedly open and close the main driver's side door 5 times, the action should be rapid and continuous, so as to accelerate the flow of air inside the car, about 30 seconds will be able to obviously feel the interior room temperature drop.

Air exchange method is mainly simulated wind box principle, rapid opening and closing of the door as a fan, the car gas from the open windows to achieve the effect of rapid cooling inside the car. However, it should be noted that do not roll down all the windows, because this will make the air into the car to form a turbulent flow, which will lead to poor air exchange effect.

Car cooling agent, save your mind and convenient

If you do not want to so much effort to fan the car door, you can choose to use a cooling agent. Cooling agent is a product specifically for car cooling, the application of liquid evaporation of a large number of heat absorption principle, can play a rapid reduction in the temperature of the role of the car. Users only need to lightly press the cooling agent nozzle, to the car's central control above a light spray, you can quickly play the role of cooling.

Usually on the market sales of car cooling agent, the main component is dry ice. Selection, the owner is best to choose the big brand or strength of the business products, otherwise not only the product effect may be greatly reduced, but also may produce harmful or flammable substances, causing safety hazards.

Sunscreen film & sun visor, durable and practical

If the cooling agent is chemical cooling, then the car sunscreen film and car sun visor these two can be included in the physical cooling category. Because these two items are purely by blocking and reflecting sunlight to achieve the purpose of cooling.

Sunscreen film is effective in blocking various heat sources within the sunlight, such as infrared and ultraviolet rays. Car shades, on the other hand, are effective in reducing direct sunlight and also reflecting the sunlight out. Both of them are durable and cost-effective tools, and both are not a bad choice for car owners.

Make good use of the air conditioning inside and outside the cycle, easy and comfortable

Without additional sun protection tools, how to cool down the car? This time you can use the air conditioning to cool down. After getting into the car, don't rush to open the internal circulation, you should first open the windows, the air conditioning will play on the external circulation, so that the interior of the car to maintain a state of ventilation. After the replacement of hot and cold air inside and outside the car, then close the windows and open the air conditioning circulation, so that the air conditioning began to cool down the purpose.

In the hot weather, the refreshing travel at the same time do not forget the car also need to prevent heat. These quick cooling tips for the car, I do not know if you have learned it?


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