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The principle and characteristics of car air pump

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The car air pump is also called an inflator, which works by the operation of an internal motor. Principle: When the motor is running, when the air is pumped, the valve of the communicating device is opened by the atmospheric pressure, and the gas enters the cylinder.When pumping air into the tire, the valve is closed by the air pressure in the cylinder, and the gas enters the tire. The principle of atmospheric pressure is also used to inflate cars, rubber balls, and rubber boats.

Product features of car air pump:

1.It adopts direct-drive powerful motor, no gear friction noise, and completes inflation in a short time.

2.Steel machine, super pressure, super durability, guarantee continuous inflation; stainless steel airtight valve, high-quality output air pressure.

3.Extra-long 5 meters power cord, high-quality high-pressure air pipe (with copper joints).

4.With a complete set of inflatable air nozzles, suitable for tires, inflatable boats, air cushions, inflatable toys, inflatable balls and many other purposes.

5.Oil-free design, clean and environmentally friendly. Equipped with over-current anti-shock fuse to ensure safe use.

6.High quality, small size, easy to carry and store.

Car air pumps cannot be used on large vehicles:

This type of vehicle-mounted portable air pump can generally only be used in small cars, while buses and large trucks cannot be used to prevent insufficient pressure and cause danger.

At the same time, before use, be sure to pull up the car to brake and block the wheel to prevent it from sliding; and because the
transmission pressure can reach 100 Pa, the user should avoid over-inflating the tire and exploding, as long as the number on the barometer reaches the charged object The recommended air pressure value is sufficient. The air pump should be placed in a dry place, not in contact with rain, snow and other liquids to prevent electric shock; at the same time, the air pump cannot be used continuously for more than 15 minutes, and it can be used again after it has cooled.

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