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The proper use of car polishing machines and their advantages


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Car polishing machine is mainly to make up for the car surface after spraying, there may be coarse grains, sandpaper marks, flow marks, anti-white, orange peel and other small defects on the surface of the paint film, the processing method is to grind and polish after spraying to improve the mirror effect of the paint film, to achieve the bright, smooth and brilliant requirements. The polishing machine is composed of basic components such as base, throwing disc, polishing fabric, polishing cover and cover. According to different classifications are mainly: pneumatic polishing machine, electric polishing machine, simple polishing machine, multifunctional polishing machine, etc. But you know how to properly use the car polishing machine? Let's take a look below!

A, the working principle of the car polishing machine

Polishing machine is also known as a grinding machine, often used as mechanical grinding, polishing and waxing. Its working principle is: the motor drives the sponge or wool polishing disc mounted on the polishing machine high-speed rotation, due to the polishing disc and polishing agent together and friction with the surface to be polished, which can achieve the purpose of removing paint pollution, oxide layer, shallow marks. The speed of the polishing disc is generally in 1500-3000r|min, mostly stepless variable speed, construction can be adjusted at any time according to the need.

polish machine

B, the polishing machine classification method

1, car polishing machine according to the source of power there are two kinds of pneumatic and electric. Pneumatic type is safer, but requires a gas source; electric type is easy to solve the power problem, but must pay attention to the safety of electricity.

2, car polishing machine according to the function of dual-function industrial abrasive polishing machine and simple polishing machine two. Dual-function industrial grinding|polishing machine can be installed on the grinding wheel polishing metal materials, and can be replaced with polishing disc to do car burial. This machine is heavy, 2-3kg, but work very smoothly, not easy to damage . The speed of this kind of model can be adjusted, suitable for professional beauty care personnel to use. Simple polishing machine is actually a drill machine, small size, speed can not be adjusted, the use of difficult to master the balance; professional beauty care staff generally do not use such models.

3, car polishing machine according to the speed classification of high-speed polishing machine, medium-speed polishing machine and low-speed polishing machine three.

C, the use of automotive polishing machine

First of all, before using the polishing machine according to the oxidation of the car paint and the degree of damage used in the corresponding coarse and fine car wax, the polishing machine will be placed flat after the motor fixed in the base, take a pad point. Then power on, put down the handle, press the safety column, start the machine switch, according to the corresponding degree of polishing required by the car paint to adjust the power, it is generally recommended that the speed is not too high to prevent some damage to the car paint, polishing machine work route is best straight. Finally, polishing can be divided into two stages, the first part of the rough polishing that is to remove the grinding damage layer, and the second part of the fine polishing is to remove the surface damage produced by rough polishing, polishing can be relatively less damage, in addition to the best attention around the time of polishing.


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