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The role of the sleep eye mask


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Many people habitually turn off the lights when they sleep, because the light is too bright will stimulate the eyes, which will affect the normal sleep. For some office workers, they can't get to sleep fast enough when they are disturbed by the light when they nap at noon. In this case, many people use blackout eye masks to help block out the light so as to create a suitable sleeping environment. So is it really good to wear an eye mask to sleep? What are the benefits and drawbacks of wearing an eye mask to bed?

eye mask

What are the benefits of sleeping with an eye mask?

The first is to promote the secretion of melatonin. The actual fact that you can wear an eye mask to sleep can create a dark environment for your body, and we all know that in a dark environment, you can promote your body to secrete more melatonin, which can help lighten the dark circles under your eyes, so you can wear an eye mask to sleep and let your body secrete more melatonin, so as to relieve the skin problems of your eyes.

Second, to provide a good sleep environment. Many office workers in the office lunch break, because there is enough bright light around, it will not be able to provide people with the best environment for sleep, and in the car or airplane, will also be disturbed by the light, in this case, wearing an eye mask can help us to better rest.

Third, effective treatment of insomnia. Wearing eye masks to sleep can also help improve insomnia, for insomnia, dreamy, neurasthenia patients wearing eye masks can give them a better sleep environment, and can improve the quality of sleep.

What are the disadvantages of wearing an eye patch to bed?

Firstly, temporary blurred vision can occur. Because of the sensitivity of the eyes, wearing an eye mask may cause irritation to the eyes, so some people may experience temporary blurred vision after taking off the eye mask.

Second, produce dependence. In the case of normal sleep, the body belongs to a relaxed state, if you wear an eye mask for a long time, you may have some dependence on the eye mask, and once you leave the eye mask, you may experience a decline in sleep quality.

In summary, we have a certain understanding of the benefits and disadvantages associated with wearing an eye mask to sleep. Although wearing eye masks can help you sleep quickly, but must be used correctly, and do not use eye masks for a long time, so as not to form a kind of dependence. During the day when the light is brighter, you can use eye masks to help you sleep, but try not to use them at night when you sleep.


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