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The use and precautions of commonly used wrenches

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A wrench is a tool used to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts. Each type of wrench has its own special purpose. The common ones are open-end wrenches, box wrenches, and adjustable wrenches. The following editor will briefly introduce three kinds of wrenches for you.

Open-end wrench:

This is the most basic fixed-size open-end wrench, also known as a fork wrench. Because the opening of this type of wrench is fixed, bolts and nuts of different sizes and specifications need to correspond to the wrench one-to-one. The opening specifications are usually marked on the wrench. The distance between the opposite sides of the hexagonal or square nut is the model of the applicable wrench opening. The complete set of wrenches will be made into one for each size according to the standard specifications from small to large. According to the span covered by the size, a set of wrenches is often composed of a few to more than two dozen. For expansion screws, metric M5, M6, M8, M10, M12 nuts usually correspond to wrenches of 8, 10, 14, 17, and 19. Although the opening of the rigid hand is fixed and pertinent, it has a stable structure and is durable. In practice, it is much smoother than an adjustable wrench. In addition, according to the needs of the application, there are a series of products such as the percussive mechanical hand, the crowbar mechanical hand, the curved handle mechanical hand, and the curved handle percussive mechanical hand.


Use points:

The open-end wrench can only pull the bolt or nut in a limited space. After the bolt or nut is pulled to the extreme position, take out the wrench and repeat the original process.The direction of pulling the wrench should be in the direction of the attached jaw.When using an open-end wrench for the final tightening, do not apply too much force to the wrench, otherwise it will cause the thread to slip.The wrench should be completely clamped on the bolt to increase the contact area.Only use wrenches with the same size as the bolt or nut opposite side distance.If the size of the wrench is selected too large, the bolt or nut will be damaged.Wrong use of the wrench can damage the wrench or bolts and nuts.

Torx wrench:

This is the most basic fixed size collar wrench. The working collar is generally made into a 12-point hole, which can just clamp the hexagon head of the bolt and nut. Some torx wrenches design the working collar to be movable, which can be adjusted to a certain angle to suit the operation in some special spaces. The torx wrench is the same as the rigid hand, the working surface is fixed, and it needs to correspond to different specifications one by one, and the specifications of the torx collar will be marked on the wrench. In addition, according to the needs of the application, there are a series of products such as percussion plum blossom hand and curved handle plum blossom wrench. Compared with the rigid hand, although the torx wrench needs to be inserted into the nut and bolt every time, it is not as convenient as an open-end wrench, but it has the characteristics of good combination with the nut and especially suitable for small space operation. Because the torx wrench and the rigid hand have their own advantages, a dual-purpose wrench with a torx and an open end appears on both ends of the wrench.


Precautions for using torx wrench:

Do not use damaged or cracked torx wrenches, otherwise it will hurt you.The hexagonal torx wrench is more slip resistant than the twelve-sided torx wrench.The selection of torx wrench should be adapted to the size of the bolt or nut.The bolts or nuts must be tightened before pulling forcefully, otherwise the bolts or nuts will be damaged.Do not use a pipe on the wrench to increase the length of the wrench for tightening, as this will damage the wrench or bolts and nuts.

Adjustable wrench:

The working face of the adjustable wrench has two types: a fixed main working face slack lip and a movable working face movable lip. The movable flip lip is moved by the turbine roller to achieve the purpose of adjusting the size of the flip. Since the opening size of the adjustable wrench is continuously adjustable, the size of the applicable nuts and bolts is very wide. In the past, if a complete set of more than a dozen rigid hands were needed, now a single adjustable wrench can "take it all". Adjustable wrenches are widely used in non-professional applications. In household toolboxes, adjustable wrenches are one of the necessary tools. In actual work, according to the range of wrench movement corresponding to the overall length, there are a variety of adjustable wrenches, the common ones are 150mm (6 inches), 200mm (8 inches), 250mm (10 inches), 300mm (12 inches).


Features of adjustable wrench:

The size of the wrench opening can be adjusted arbitrarily within a certain range.Used to disassemble bolts and nuts within the limit of the opening size, especially irregular bolts or nuts.Used to tighten bolts or nuts with larger torque.Only start to use after the opening is tightened.


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