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What are the precautions for the use of hand drill


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Maintenance matters of hand drill

(1) The commutator of the motor should be specially maintained, and the conductive substances in the mica slot of the commutator should be cleaned up in time with a mica slot cleaning knife.

(2) often add high temperature resistant grease, add an appropriate amount of industrial lithium grease or grease that can meet the lubrication requirements of electric tools (preferably special grease for electric tools) in the bearings and gear box, the hand drill working at high temperature and high speed, the grease may be lost due to dilution, should be filled frequently and kept clean.

(3) inspection and maintenance of brushes (also called carbon brushes), to often keep the brush clean and ensure that it is free to slide in the brush grip (brush frame), brushes are gradually worn, wear to 1/3 of the length of the new brush to be replaced, use the cone to spin down the brush cap, you can take out the old brush and replace it with a new brush.

(4) Maintenance of the motor. The coil is the heart of the hand drill, it should be carefully checked for damage and whether it is wet with water and oil. For hand drills that have not been used for a long time or used in a humid environment, the insulation resistance of the rotor (also called armature) assembly, the stator assembly and the insulation resistance between the housing should be measured with a 500V insulation resistance meter before use. (5) often check whether the installation screws are loose, off, if found should be tightened or supplemented.

(6) do not use gasoline, thinner, carbon tetrachloride, alcohol and other solvents to rub the plastic shell parts, otherwise easy to make plastic cracking and damage, use a soft cloth with wet soapy water to rub plastic shell parts.

(7) When working, the air inlet and outlet of the hand drill should be kept clean and clear.

(8) The hand drill should prevent iron filings, mud and sand, rain and snow or other debris from entering its interior.

hand drill

Rules for the safe use of hand drill precautions

(1) When working at high places, you should fasten the safety belt and stand firmly on your feet, and make sure that no one is below you to prevent workpieces and tools from falling down and injuring people.

(2) When operating the drill, you should hold the drill tightly to prevent the reaction force generated by the drill from injuring yourself.

(3) Do not touch the rotating parts with your hands during operation.

(4) When drilling in walls, floors or other places where there may be buried wires, it is possible to encounter phase wires. Therefore, do not touch any metal parts on the drill to prevent accidents such as electric shock.

(5) Do not put down the hand drill when it is in a rotating state to avoid danger.

(6) The drill should be clamped firmly before drilling.

(7) Do not touch the drill bit or the parts around the drill bit immediately after work, as this may cause burns.

(8) Minors are not allowed to use the drill.


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