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What equipment do you need for night running - reflective material type equipment


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Most of the night running equipment is some "bright" equipment, the main role is to allow pedestrians and motorists to be able to clear your position in the night.

1. LED light-emitting equipment

LED light-emitting equipment, generally including headlamps, running shoes clip lights, bracelets and so on. The biggest advantage of these light-emitting products is that they are lightweight, small, long-lasting and have a clear enough night warning effect. LED headlamp, which is characterized by small and lightweight, generally weighing less than 100g, worn on the head and will not have a strong sense of foreign body. Can be used to achieve near and far spotlight lighting effect, the effective lighting distance can reach tens of meters. LED running shoe clip light, as the name implies, is installed in the back of the shoe to use, can be applied to most of the running shoes. This LED running shoe clip light looks relatively cool, especially at night, its warning role is particularly obvious.

Outdoor Night Running

2. Reflective material class equipment

3M reflective material does not actively shine, it must have a light source to reflect passively. Reflective material in the daytime is not very obvious, you have to have a certain angle to see, but at night as long as there is light exposure will be very bright. The main role is to avoid the danger caused by night driving. 3M reflective strip, you can put this 3M reflective strip on shoes, clothes or any place you think fit, DIY various shapes and patterns. Reflective jacket, reflective windbreaker in the runner's circle is more common. The outer layer of the windbreaker has a special dazzling coating. But most reflective windbreaker due to the existence of the coating, breathability is not good, the temperature is particularly high when not used.

3. Fluorescent equipment

Fluorescent powder is exposed to natural light, daylight, ultraviolet light, etc., can store the light energy, after the cessation of light exposure, and then slowly released in the form of fluorescence, so at night or in the dark, you can still see the luminescence, lasting up to a few hours to a dozen hours. Fluorescent running shoes, now many running shoes will be launched luminous color scheme, because this color scheme is more conspicuous in the night, but also more easily recognized. In addition, most of the running shoes, in fact, more or less carry fluorescent elements. Fluorescent wristbands, worn on the wrist, fluorescent elements designed to increase the safety of night running. Generally speaking, fluorescent wristbands have a soft texture and a good comfort level in the hands.

night runner

4. Night running precautions

1, night running choose a reasonable route Night runners must choose the road flat, good lighting, close to home, safe and familiar with the running route. 

2, the best night running partners. Night runners should do not choose too late to go out running, it is best to run with a partner, so there is a response. Remember to tell your friends and family about the running route before you run. 

3, night running time should not be too late It is recommended that night running is usually recommended to end before 23:00, one is in the runner's personal safety considerations, the second is too late exercise affect sleep.


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