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What is the reason for the difficulty of car climbing? What's wrong with the lack of uphill momentum?


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I believe that many car owners have had this experience, that is, when the car has been used for a long time, they find that their vehicle is particularly weak when climbing, even if the throttle is increased, the speed is still not up, then this situation What is going on? What is the cause of the car's inability to refuel uphill?


1.Oil problem

If the quality of the fuel added is poor, when there are too many impurities or water in the fuel, it will cause insufficient power.Inferior fuel is very easy to cause the gasoline filter, fuel pump filter screen and fuel injectors, such as small holes or filter parts, to cause blockage, resulting in poor fuel supply and reduced engine functions.

2.Gear too high

If the gear is high while climbing, the engine speed is naturally difficult to go up. If it is a manual transmission model, it should be put into gear 1~3 depending on the situation when climbing. If it is an automatic transmission model, if the slope is too steep, it is recommended to engage in the L gear to climb the slope.

3.Idle speed is too low and the idle speed is unstable

If the vehicle idling speed is too low or the idling speed is unstable, it is easy to cause the vehicle to climb weakly. There are many reasons for this type of failure, such as wiring, sensor failure, engine combustion failure or intake air leakage, etc. In addition, there are external failures that can also cause a certain impact. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm the cause of the failure before proceeding to the next inspection.

4.Carbon deposition problem

When too much carbon deposits on the throttle and intake pipe positions, it will lead to insufficient intake air, resulting in insufficient fuel combustion, which will directly affect the power, on the other hand, it will also increase fuel consumption. If the fuel injector is blocked, it will lead to poor fuel atomization, or directly not inject fuel, resulting in a lack of cylinders, reducing the output power of the engine, and leading to insufficient power.

5.The ignition coil is damaged

If the ignition coil is damaged, causing a cylinder to ignite abnormally or directly fail to ignite, it will result in insufficient power, and it will also be accompanied by the phenomenon of engine shaking, which is easy to feel in the car.

But under normal circumstances, a four-cylinder engine vehicle can still run if one cylinder is not started. If it is an engine with more than four cylinders, it will decrease as the number of cylinders increases. It is not so easy to be noticed. 

In addition to the above, there is blue smoke from the exhaust pipe, which is what we often call "oil burning", insufficient tire pressure, damage to the gasoline pump, and blockage of the three-way catalyst. It may also be the power problem of the car itself. For example, if the slope is too steep, it will cause the car's power system to fail to support normal uphill slopes.



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